Steinway 1926 New York


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Restored 1926 Steinway New York Model “O” Grand Piano

This classic 1926 Steinway Grand Piano is in the final stages of a complete restoration and refinishing. This magnificent instrument is both an excellent piano and a fantastic talking point too. This New York model Steinway will be completed by Christmas if you would like it in your home for the festive season . The 1920’s were one of the absolute classic periods in the history of the Steinway & Sons where the workmanship was outstanding and the time was in abundance to do the detail work to perfection.

Over 300 hours has been spent on the total restoration of this classic piano and the work includes

  • New Hammers, Shanks and Flanges
  • Original Walnut finish restored to perfection using the time honoured hand finishing techniques
  • Action restored to original  Steinway specifications

Please call the proprietor, Laurence Hunter, personally for more information (Melbourne) 0418 551 699